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Resident Activities

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Resident Activities
Activities will form a core part of the care plans for our residents, and there is an enormous amount that we can do, from music and quizzes to arts and crafts. Here are just a few examples of recent activities.

Music Quiz
We find a music quiz is be a great way to trigger memories and reminiscence about a particular era.

Card Making
We have found residents love making their own cards and find it a really enjoyable activity. We fold a piece of A4 card in half and make sure there are lots of materials ready to decorate it with.

Residents always gets lots of enjoyment from certain boardgames, depending on their level of condition, its a great way to mix with each other and have fun.

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An important part of what we do here is creating individualised care plans and designing activities that will engage and inspire.

Highly Trained Staff

We continually invest in training our team members to ensure we deliver the highest standard of service to our Residents.

Care Commission

The independent regulator of all Health and Social Care services in England. The commission monitors and inspects care homes.

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Every member of our team shares the same goal of providing the best possible care and offering compassion and support.

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