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Provide stimulating activities, entertainment and companionship to people who may otherwise be house-bound or socially isolated.

Services Residential Care

We’re committed to delivering truly person-centred residential care. At Wheathills we focus on getting to know our residents – their life-story.

Services Convalescent Care

Sometimes, illness or injury means that a period of support in a residential setting is needed ( often 1-6 Weeks), Wheathills are here and able to help.

Clergy Revd Jacqueline Stober

Wheathills has regular visits from our local clergy who provide a regular Services for residents who chose to participate.

Medical General Practitioner

Wheathills House has regular visits from General Practitioners and District Nursing Services who can help and give advice on our residents medical needs.

Medical District Nurse

District nurses visit Wheathills on a regular basis to provide the more complex levels of care our residents may need.

Medical Visiting Opticians

We ensure our residents sight is monitored and visiting opticians can be arranged on residents request.

Medical Visiting Chiropodist

We ensure that we have a regular visit from a local qualified chiropodist who can help and care for our residents when needed.

Medical Visiting Dentist

We have an excellent relationship with our local dental practice and dentist services can be accessed on residents needs.

Hair Visiting Hairdresser

A hairdresser visits Wheathills House once or twice a week, depending on the residents needs.

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Resident Activities

Wheathills House, Derby


Resident Activities
Activities will form a core part of the care plans for our residents, and there is an enormous amount that we can do, from music and quizzes to arts and crafts. Here are just a few examples of recent activities.

Music Quiz
We find a music quiz is be a great way to trigger memories and reminiscence about a particular era.

Card Making
We have found residents love making their own cards and find it a really enjoyable activity. We fold a piece of A4 card in half and make sure there are lots of materials ready to decorate it with.

Residents always gets lots of enjoyment from certain boardgames, depending on their level of condition, its a great way to mix with each other and have fun.

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